Fullstack Web & Software Developer

About Me

As a new Web and Software Developer, I am excited about starting a new career in software development! I was raised in a small North Dakota town, along the Red River, between North Dakota and Minnesota, and have lived most of my life in Minnesota. I have also lived in Pasadena, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Fargo, ND and Lexington, KY. I have two adult sons. I enjoy my pets, knitting, reading, going to concerts, operating steam engines and playing bagpipes when I am not coding.

I have successfully completed a 12-week intensive full stack Web Developer Bootcamp at Awesome Inc., in Lexington, KY. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Laravel, Node.js and Vue.js are some of the front-end skills I have acquired; and, PHP and PostgreSQL are some of the back-end skills. I have also learned version control through GitHub and how to use Ubuntu, as my operating system. I am currently working on a website using a LAMP stack.

Previous to Web Developer Bootcamp, I received an AAS in Computer Programming, from Minnesota State Community & Technical College, in Fergus Falls, MN. My education through MState included the study of various coding languages, software design, information flow and processing. Java, C++, Python, and COBOL were the languages I learned. My experience with databases consists of PostgreSQL, through Awesome Inc., and MySQL and Microsoft Access, through MState.

I am looking forward to starting my career in web and software development and I come with some great references and excellent communication skills! Please feel free to contact me through the LinkedIn link or email link below. I have also provided a link to my resume, my GitHub repositories and to a few of my projects. Most of the projects in my portfolio are works-in-progress and are updated on a day-to-day basis.

Udemy Course Progress

  • Javascript - From Beginner to Pro, Abhay Talreja
  • 79%

  • SQL & PostgreSQL for Beginners, Jon Avis
  • 87%

  • C# Basics for Beginners: Learn C# Fundamentals by Coding, Mosh Hamedani
  • 48%

  • Introduction to Modern Programming with PHP, Trevor Sawler
  • 25%

  • The Complete Wordpress Website Business Course, Rob Percival
  • 11%

  • Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex), Maximilian Schwarzmuller
  • 7%

Letters of Recommendation

  • Christine Antonelli, President, SEI LLC
  • Rohan Chatterjee, VP of Product Management, Citi